santa maria di leuca
19 Feb

The things to see in Santa Maria di Leuca are very many. Santa Maria di Leuca is characterized by the splendid nineteenth-century villas, 43 to be exact; including villa Episcopo, villa La Meridiana, villa Mellacqua, villa Daniele and villa Maruccia; enchanting corners of the town on the edge of the earth that embellish the Colombo waterfront; the brainchild of the architect Carlo Luigi Arditi of Castelvetere and the engineers Achille Rossi and Giuseppe Ruggieri. Beyond the monumental square on which the Sanctuary and the Corinthian column stand, after an elegant fifth of arches, is the lighthouse of Santa Maria di Leuca; not far from which the real cape and that of Punta Meliso are located; from which you can admire the magical confluence between the Ionian and the Adriatic.

cosa vedere a Santa Maria di Leuca

What to see in Santa Maria di Leuca

Furthermore, not to be missed in Santa Maria di Leuca but among the things to see absolutely in Leuca are the sea caves. Precious and fascinating, the Caves of Santa Maria di Leuca attract thousands of tourists every year who flock to admire the beauty and wonders of this enchanting area.

In order not to miss anything of the wonderful beauty of Santa Maria di Leuca, it is advisable to download the app created specifically to discover the town through an interactive map with all the caves of Santa Maria di Leuca, the history, the monuments and the services that Leuca has to offer.

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