15 Feb

Puglia has a very strong and eternal link with the sea; including the beautiful lighthouses scattered along the heel of Italy are witnesses as the Lighthouse of Leuca.

For the sailors and the fishermen of this land, the lighthouses have represented instruments to which they cannot do without for a safe navigation; while today they have become also of the most appreciated tourist attractions both for the architectonic characteristics, both for the fascinating Mediterranean landscape that they can offer.

The Lighthouse of Leuca:

faro di santa maria di leuca

It is the second highest in Europe and is considered one of the most characteristic places of the entire Apulian town. This lighthouse 47 meters above the ground (and 102 from sea level) was designed by engineer Achille Rossi and in 1864 was activated in 1866. It emits three beams of light that are visible, in particular meteorological conditions, to beyond 40 km. In 1937 the power of the lighthouse, that up to that moment was to petroleum, was transformed in electric energy.To admire a unique view is recommended his visit: climb its 254 steps arriving at the base of the lantern, where on clear days you can see the Greek island of Corfu and the mountains on the border between Albania and Greece.

Santa Maria di Leuca

Santa Maria di Leuca is part of the municipality of Castignano del Capo and represents the southernmost point of Puglia. This ancient village owes its name to the basilica of Santa Maria De finibus terrae (of the end of the world) and it was once considered the limit of the emerged lands.

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